Atrise Everyfind

Javascript-Based Search Engine Script for DVD and Website
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This program creates a powerful search engine for website, PC DVD or any HTML-based articles. Different file formats including PDF, RTF and Microsoft Office are supported. Everyfind is compatible with HTML5.

Everyfind requires no additional software on the client side. It works on any Javascript-enabled web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux or portable devices. Also no server-side software and database are required, too. So it works virtually everywhere, on web or PC.

Search Audio Files

Compact and Powerful

Everyfind is designed to work on a very slow Internet connection. The search database is compact but fast and powerful. Wildcard search, categories, multi-page reports are supported.

Search Keywords

Intelligent Search Algorithms

Everyfind is a keywords-based. But it creates a special presorted list of keywords to better describe of your pages and documents. There is a huge amount of parameters to tune up it to fit your needs.

Professional Use

Everyfind supports hundreds of file formats over industry standard IFilter-based plugins. It can search in a 30,000+ files database in a few of seconds. It is fully customizable over templates and engine parameters.

Fast and Precise Search Results

Everyfind generates a special “pre-cashed” search database using sorted keywords list with stop/white keywords. You can configure any of the program engine ranking parameters for your own usage.

Search Indexer Features

Smallest-Possible File Size

The generated search engine has the smallest possible file size. I.e. a 27,000-links DVD search engine is only 17 MB. A 460-links website search engine is only 400 KB.

Search Script Features

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