Playing Video in a Public Place:
Shop, Cafe, Exhibition, Rest Place

Atrise Terminal Video Player. Loop Player for Public and Business Places

Atrise Terminal Video Player is specifically designed for such tasks. The program does not contain any special controls and operates automatically by playing videos in a loop mode. There is also a possibility of the simultaneous use of the computer for other purposes, such as for a cashier or sale manager.

You Will Need the Following

Video in a public place
  • Windows-based PC;
  • Monitor or a TV panel;
  • Atrise Terminal Video Player installed.

Why Play Video in a Public Place?

Psychological science and
business practices show that:

  • Moving image attracts more attention than a static picture.
  • People are willing to pay attention to advertising when they are resting or waiting in line.
  • A store place with a TV panel attracts more visitors.

In the simplest case, you can play films with beautiful views of nature or play your own photos and reclaim images. If you have promotional videos and ads, it will also draw attention to your place.