How to Use Single Computer for Two Tasks

Atrise TVP. Loop Video Player for Public and Business Places

Atrise Terminal Video Player is specifically designed for such tasks. During video playback, you can simultaneously perform any other work.

You Will Need the Following:

  • Windows-based PC;
  • Video card with two outputs;
  • Two monitors, or a monitor with a TV, connected by HDMI cable;
  • Atrise Terminal Video Player installed.
Use Computer for Two Tasks

How Does this Work

Our program is designed to play video in a background while a manager or other employee performs other tasks. It does not require a maintenance for playback. Make a playlist and put our program to the startup folder to start it automatically.

Our program will start automatically and will play videos in full screen on the second video output. The main display, however, remains free to use other programs, such as for the seller, cashier or manager.

Because the program does not contain any special controls and operates automatically, which allows people to not be distracted by the playing of video.

Advantages of Our Solution

  • Savings finances. No need to install two computers.
  • Savings in maintenance. The program is specially created to work independently without supervision by a specialist.