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Realtime Visitor Statistics: PHP Script
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Fast unique visitor logging and statistics PHP5 script for PDO SQLite.

Track your visitor referrers, history and activity in realtime. This script requires no server database and other components to install. It stores data into one SQLite file. The script is very fast. Minimal files count.

Useful For

  • Small to medium websites;
  • SEO optimize;
  • 404 error tracking;
  • Hacker bot activity tracking;
  • Sales and download statistics;
  • Who wants realtime visitor tracking.


  • PHP 5 and later is recommended.
  • SQLite 3 PDO is used.
  • Logging and getting a visitor info over AJAX, 1x1.gif or PHP function call.
  • Up to 5000 unique visitors per day.
  • Compatible with disabled Cookies and Javascript.

Script Admin Area Screenshot

Atrise Visitor Screenshot

Tracks Projects

Author successfully use this script on many web sites including for sales statistics and marketing optimizations.

Visitor Script Features

  • Visitors and referrers daily.
  • Proxy detection.
  • Click-based events.
  • Error 404 and bot activity detection.
  • Realtime tracking of users behavior.
  • Search engine keywords.
  • Translate services detection.
  • No server SQL database is required.
  • Androud, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad and other browsers detection.
  • Shows a screen resolution.
  • Shows user time zone and language.
  • User-configurable per-day reports.
  • Easy to read visitor color separation.

Ready to test it?

There is a free demo to download with examples. Get it before your buy.

Atrise Visitor Demo
The latest 3.x.x, free demo examples.
ZIP archive, 0.1 MB

PHP 5+, SQLite 3 over PDO is required. Compatible with any Linux, Mac or Windows PHP-enabled web server.

Visitor Updates and Improvements

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author to fix. We can help many users worldwide.