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Learn how the author protects your information, especially when you enter any data about yourself on the web site. In this case, our relations are regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation and international laws in the field of personal data. This gives rise to rights and obligations for both you and the author.

Basic information

This site is designed so that nobody, including the author himself did not know who you are. And if you give the author any data about yourself, they will remain confidential and will not be passed to anyone else without your consent. Legal requirements of the authorities can be an exception to provide these data, but hardly it ever will occur.

Personal data is sent to the author to register you as a licensed user. In this case author will be able to send you a license key, a link to download or view the full version of the author's works. Also author will be able to reply you to your email.

Basic information about you, including your name and email is needed to enter into a license agreement. If you do not give them to the author, then the author will not be able to provide you with the ordered licensed materials, as he will not know who and where to send them.

Usually the author will receive personal information about you from the company through which you make the payment.

Author may keep the registration data about customers all the time until we terminate the license agreement and for another five years thereafter for legal obligations. Unimportant personal data may be removed at any time at the request of the author if he finds that they are no longer useful.

Your Rights

You have the right to request from the author access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the personal data processing at any time and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You have the right to receive confirmation from the author as to whether the personal data relating to you in processing, and in this case, you has the right to access your personal data.

Please note that if you require to delete your personal data or revoke your consent for processing, and you have already received from the author license keys and other ordered materials, then the processing will still be necessary for the purposes of ensuring legitimate interests of the author or third parties.

Other Information

This website is not directed at nor targeted to children. Please ask your parents permissions before using this web site.

Author updates this privacy policy from time-to-time by posting a new version. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are happy with any changes.

Updated: 2018-05-18

You can also read the following Personal Data Processing Policy to read more details.

Personal Data Processing Policy

Personal data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. In compliance with it the author adheres the following rules:

1. Personal data are processed using principles and rules of Russian Federal Law 152-FZ and EU Law 2016/679 (GDPR).

2. The purpose of personal data processing is conclusion of the contract with users and ensuring the rights, legitimate interests and legal obligations under copyright agreements with users.

3. The received personal data is not distributed, and also is not provided to third parties without consent of the subject of personal data and is used by the author solely for execution of the concluded contract and conclusion of contracts with the personal data subject.

4. Personal data is requested only if necessary, in the amount, minimum permissible for the realization of these purposes. The data storage period for legal obligations is at least 5 years after the expiration of the contract. The author reserves the right to delete personal data at any time, if they are not directly intended for the fulfillment of the terms of the contract.

5. The author does not independently accept personal data, the leakage of which can lead to serious financial consequences for users. In the case of receipt, these data are immediately destroyed. Financial operations with such data are delegated to certified organizations with a high reputation.

5.1. The list of the preferred organizations:

Share-It / Digital River GmbH. Corporate Policies

NBCO Yandex.Money LLC. Privacy Policy

6. Minimum set of personal data on copyright contracts is first name, last name and email. Users may give other personal data by their consent, but they are not necessary and can be deleted by the author.

7. Currently personal data is not written in files, logs or databases of the web server, and only sent directly to the author by email on a secure connection.

8. The author uses only email services from organizations with a high reputation in the field of personal data protection.

8.1. The list of the used email services:

Google Gmail. Privacy Policy

Gandi SAS. Terms

9. Personal data is stored on devices, access to which is restricted by third parties who are not authorized to work with personal data. The main place of personal data storage is located in Russia. There is no cross-border processing of personal data.

10.The author takes measures to improve the quality of licensed products and to ensure compatibility, security, protection against hacking and uninterrupted operation of web sites and computer programs. To do this, author can monitor web site traffic and analyze user behavior using anonymous technical data. If IP address and other possible technical information is transferred to the author directly together with personal data, then they are processed as personal data.

10.1. The list of possible technical data:

HTTP protocol data including IP address, referrer, web page request address and protocol, data and time of the page visit, web browser and OS type and versions, web browser language settings, cookies, software version and trial status, program usage time, software and web site error codes, user local time and time zone, internet provider domain, web browser window dimensions, file downloads, purchase button clicks, anti-spam checking codes, email server error codes.

10.2. Currently, cookies or similar technologies are not used.

11. For the analytics of web site traffic, the author can use third-party services developed by organizations with a high reputation in the field of personal data protection.

11.1. The list of the preferred services:

Google Analytics. Privacy Policy

Yandex.Metrics Privacy Policy

11.2. Currently, third-party services are not used.

12. If the author entrusts the processing of personal data to third parties, they must comply with paragraph 1. Individuals who work on the direct authorization of the author should be instructed.

13. To maintain the safety and security of personal data, the following actions are taken:

13.1. At least once a week web site logs are analyzed for possible cracks. All hacking cases are recorded in a journal, including technical details and actions taken.

13.2. At least once a month, an anti-virus scan of actively used devices is performed.

13.3. At least once every six months, backups are kept to devices that are stored separately from the actively used devices.

14. The request for personal data is made only after receiving the consent from the user. The user has the right to withdraw his consent.

15. Аuthor publishes and maintains up-to-date information for users on articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR. The author also realizes the rights of personal data subjects.

16. The author does not use automated decision-making methods, including profile making.

17. Аuthor keeps up-to-date the records of personal data activities under article 30 of the GDPR.

18. Аuthor takes steps to improve his programs and web sites in order to maintain the proper level of security of personal data on article 32 of the GDPR.

19. In case of personal data leaks, the author takes measures under articles 33 and 34 of the GDPR.

Last document update: 2018-05-18.

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